About Centenary College

OVERVIEW: Centenary College of Health Science and Technology Emohua is a private college founded on the 22nd of November 2016. The college is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and approved by the Rivers State Ministry of Education. It is situated at Emohua in the Emohua Local Government Area

PHILOSOPHY OF THE COLLEGE: The pursuit of excellence in health and safety management.

FUNCTION: To provide studies, training, research and development of techniques in health, applied arts, sciences, management technology, commerce and other fields of learning.

OBJECTIVES: The education and training (full/part time or both) leading to the award of HND, ND, certificates, distinctions and other qualifications in health, scientific, technological, vocational, professional, managerial and such other manpower needs of the nation. These objectives would be achieved through any or all of the underlisted means:

  1. The organization of appropriate training programmes (courses, seminars, workshops etc), designed to prepare students for examinations set by the College of other examining bodies as the College may deem necessary
  2. To conduct research in relevant health, scientific, technological, vocational, professional and managerial disciplines.
  3. To meet these objectives, the College has established general academic requirements for the various programmes in order to:
  4. Satisfy the academic and vocational/professional requirements for the various programmes of study
  5. Prepare the trainees for a variety of future employment opportunities
  6. Ensure that the trainees meet the set standard as their contemporaries in similar institutions in the nation.